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You Ask I Answer!

One of our soul beams writes,

"I know you probably know the best restaurants in town. It's my bf birthday coming up and I'am trying to figure out the best spot to go. I would like something that is fine dining with water views. Anything will be fine he eats anything really lol."

Hi love, thanks for trusting me with the happiness of your boyfriend :). Based on your requirements I highly recommend Smith & Wollensky for your big night. Out on the patio the view is a gorgeous mix of south Florida's beautiful ocean and peaks of fisher island. As the a sun begins to set will catch the greatest of skies with sexy baby pinks, blues and a hit of orange to set the mood into night fall. Set your reservation for 6:45 p.m. and you will be right on time to enjoy the ambiance.

-Tootsie M.

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