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What ?ASK MIYAGI? Is All About!

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Ask Miyagi help forum/ help blog/ advice column

Hey everyone (just picture me waving)! So, I'm here to tell you exactly what Ask Miyagi is all about... and just how do you ask.

Miyagi is here to assist you with all your questions and life concerns. If you ever feel you need a professional no biased girlfriend opinion on anything from cusine, fashion, beauty, relationships, fitness, a place to hang what ever it may be just ASK! Fellas this can be for you to remember this is non biased and that means gender neutral too. All questions will be posted anonymously with your question in the title.

How do you ask your questions?

1. Send me an email in the about section just simply fill out the info.

2. Send me a direct message on any of my social media handles. ( you can find all the direct links on the home page)

3. You can always ask a question in the comment section of any post related to your question within the site

4. Emails can also be sent directly to

Response Time?

I will typically respond to a question within 48 hours. Of course I will try to be a quick as possible but that is the maximum time frame.

Where will you find you response?

Right here on the Ask Miyagi page of course!

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