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The Scale That Will Help You Understand Your Body

The battle of the bulge is never an easy one and while it takes patience this scale can help you to decipher the complex code known to man as the body. This scale measures not only your weight but you body fat and mass% , your BMI, and body water. By breaking down all of these things I find it easier to stay on tract and it has helped me to understand what fitness trainers mean't by the scale is just "number". Your weight will always be in fluctuation but, that does not mean you are not loosing weight. As a woman I have found comfort in being able to notice when I am in a bloating state. Bloating is one of those things you cant avoid and after a lot of hard work it can make you want to throw the scale. With this scale I began to identify my bloating phase while watching my body fat percentage reduce. Even though my fat percentage was reduced guess what my total weight was up in numbers because of muscle build and water retention.

This brings me to the next topic. You can never be solely dependent on a scale when you are loosing weight and toning at the same time because it will throw you off. You won't know why you are producing the numbers you are entirely. With this scale it does help to make sense of some of it. While, this is high tech expense athletic equipment with 100% accuracy it is much, much better than the traditional scale. I'am able to set goals and it helps me to see results when I'm not able to see them physically because it might be a micro change.


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