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The Official Art Basel Bar Crawl

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Florida's Official Bar Crawl, brings you the 2nd Annual Art Basel Bar Crawl.

Join in on the fun Saturday, December 8th & explore Wynwood’s most popular bars. You will receive 6 FREE drinks and several drink specials. Join the elite crawlers as the Wynwood Art Basel scene is taken over. During Art Basel empty walls come to life and are transformed into some of the world's most magnificent street art. With the Bar Crawl package there will be some giveaways at certain locations and there will be no cover charge at all participating venues. There is no guide for the crawl and you do not have to hit the locations in any particular order. Just roam freely and enjoy the festivities!

Participating Venues:

SHOTS: (Check In Venue 7PM-9PM ONLY): 1 FREE Select Drink + Half Off Drinks till 10 p.m.

El Patio: 1 FREE Select Drink (7PM-9PM ONLY) + Drink Specials (TBA)

Butcher Shop: 1 FREE Select Drink + $5 - 16oz Miller Lite, $5 - 16oz Mahou, $5 Select Single Liquor Cocktails

La Poderosa: 1 FREE Select Drink (7PM-11PM ONLY) + Drink Specials (TBA)

Centro: 1 FREE Select Drink + Drink Specials (TBA)

No.3 Social: 1 FREE Select Drink + Drink Specials (TBA)

Cafeina: Drink Specials (TBA)

Veza Sur: 10% off for Attendees

More Venues will be announced soon!*Venues subject to change

Ticket Prices: Purchase tickets here

- Early Bird Group Tickets (4 or more): $15 each - Ends Wednesday 11/21/2018

- Early Bird General Admission: $20 each - Ends Wednesday 11/21/2018

- Group Tickets (4 or more): $20 each (Round 2)

- General Admission: $25 each (Round 2)

- Day of Tickets: $30 each until sold out

Questions? Please contact (305) 988-8332

SHOTS Miami Address:

311 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127


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