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Take A Ride Around The City On A Helicopter Tour

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Miami looks completely different and offers unique view when you're thousands of feet up in the air. One that even traveling on an airplane can give you for that split second after take off. Miami Jet Helicopter Tour's pilots make it their mission to reveal that unique perspective, welcoming passengers into the comfy cabins of Bell 206 Jet Helicopters for a mesmerizing tours of the city.

The aircraft's set up ideal photo ops of sights both man made and natural. Their rotors whir over the towering luxury condominiums of downtown's Brickell neighborhood, above the Spanish-style mansions of Fisher Island, and past the lush mangrove forests that stretch over Oleta River State Park. To thrill as many passengers as possible, Miami Jet's pilots fly tours of three different lengths. The company also provides shuttle service to and from nearby hotels, as well as helicopter pick-up from levitating fortresses.

Available Packages

1. $75 for Tour (A) Taste of Miami helicopter tour for one ($95 value)

This tour flies over upper Miami, treating passengers to views of Sun Life Stadium, Gulfstream Park, and scenic beaches. The return trip passes Oleta River State Park and Bal Harbour.

2. $125 for Tour (B) Golden Beaches helicopter tour for one ($149 value)

This tour covers Golden Beach as well as other iconic shorelines, including North and South Miami Beach. It concludes with views of Fisher Island and the Intracoastal Waterway.

3. $150 for Tour (C) Grand Miami helicopter tour for one ($195 value)

The Grand Miami tour includes all of the sights of the above two tours, plus extended flight time over Brickell, the Miami Seaquarium, and Virginia Key



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