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Quick & Easy Way To Clean Your Make Up Brushes With Home Supplies

photo: glamour

So, as I'am going through some of my new make up and deciding I need to plan some holiday faces to look fine, I realized a lot of my older brushes were not up to par and my concealer brushes were a hot MESS! Well the concealer brushes were no surprise because I have been putting them off for a while... enough is enough lol. Once before I tried cleaning my brushes with soap and water. I was underwhelmed with the results because as I rubbed the brushes on the towel to ensure the were clean I was getting a lot of residue. Fast forward to today I just got the perfect formula!

Supplies You Will Need:

  • dish liquid

  • water

  • vinegar

  • cups

  • small hand towel of a medium color


  1. fill the cup 1/4 with water, add dish liquid, and vinegar

  2. stir with a brush back

  3. add your brushes in to cup standing up (don't let the lean and don't overcrowd the cup)

  4. let sit for 15 - 20 minutes

  5. rinse with warm water and comb through with fingers

  6. squeeze dry and rub on hand towel to further remove water and to make sure the brush is clean (if brush is not clean re-insert into solution)

  7. lay flat on towel to dry

SIMPLE AS 1,2,3! :)

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