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Restaurant Review: New York| Tony's Di Napoli

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Little funny story about how Tony's Di Napoli was discovered and quickly became a great decision. For two days straight with no luck my friends and I were all hyped up about trying out "Carmines"after being told it was a must have. Well the first day they were closed because of the holiday, the second day we went all pumped to find out we should have made reservations and the next seating wasn't for hours. Having an itinerary to keep we had to make the decision do we wait or do we seek food else where. After a few pouts and a quick chat we decided we needed food ASAP. So, as the resourceful woman I'am, I whipped up google and began the search. Since, we were already pumped for Italian I kept the search to the same style food and found Tony's. We skimmed the menu and decided it would suffice. Still disappointed not knowing the treat we were in for.

Learning our lesson I called ahead and made a reservation for about 30 min away. Perfect! With our heels on we strutted on down a few blocks to Tony's. After being seated and speaking to the server this is where the treat came in. The restaurant was family styled dinning where each entree severs 2-3 people which meant a coin save. With one friend being a new found vegan I had to take my mind off the veal I originally wanted and come to common ground. We decided Lobster and the rest was history.

The food was bomb . com! After having full bellies it was like Carmines who? What I wasn't pleased with was the Sangria. Flavor point it tasty, however it's one of the weakest sangria I have had. The mixed seafood with lobster came with the option of three cook styles. We choose Luciano which is like a lemon white wine sauce. The lobster was juicy, tender, and full of flavor. I didn't even need extra lemon which is rare.

If you wanted to try several different dishes or you are a party of one and still want the experience going at lunch time will be you best bet. During lunch you are able to get single portion dishes.

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147 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

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