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Review: New York| Little Italy Pizza

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

So, while we were in NY just like every other person that heads the big apple city we wanted the most raved about pizza town next to Italy. During almost every day of our stay we tried a different pizza joint and Little Italy Pizza took the cake! There were a total of five different places tried. One was even a famous landmark deemed so by landing a scene in Spider Man II. It was good, but sadly in ran second place lol. Anyone that knows me knows I'am a pizza cynosure so I'am at liberty to make these decisions :).

More about little Italy Pizza well apparently they have all kinda of pizza. Some that I have never heard of like bake ziti pizza and spaghetti pizza, yes it gets crazy. You can also create your own which is always a great choice. I myself went with one of my favorite styled pizzas "meat lovers", it was instant heaven. For my two slices of pizza and a can soda the price point was about $16. For some pizza I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing, but once I took a bite I didn't even mind. This was literally so lie the best pizza I've ever had now that I come to think of it. If you want the best NY pizza of you life this should definitely be a pit stop on the list! Word to the wise go to the exact same location because you know how different cooks can be. It sometimes makes the difference.

The Second Slice Of A LIFETIME!

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Address to Little Italy Pizza NY:

2 E 33rd St, New York, NY 10016

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