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Restaurant Review: Miami's Dr. Limon Get Your Life With These Drinks!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Dr. Limon has an exceptional abidance of a great spot for business meetings , catch up dates, quick lunches, etc. The place gives off the perfect place for friends to meet and have a great time. What I loved the most was that unlike a lot of places that are not based upon water, it wasn't dark and dim. The bright sunlight shining in was my favorite part. Gave me that feeling like I was on an episode of Girlfriends (the classic famous hit T.V. show) having a great time with my girls at 847 getting all the juicy tea.

Drink #1 was my absolute fave. Everyone that knows me knows I'am a martini girl but this one was GOOD. Don't kill me, I don't remember the name. It shouldn't be hard to find though because it is the only martini on the menu. The second drink I was very underwhelmed by. If you are a big guava fan the this one will be a hit for you, but for me I just couldn't get with it. As you can see in the vid. I ordered a plate of sushi. This particular sushi is "salmon pituco". The sushi was better than I expected. The salmon topping was the seller. It turned the dish into something magical. Nice and moist with the instant melt ummmm talk about love. If you have never had a liquid nitrogen drink and want to give it a try pop in at Dr. Limon. The prices are reasonable and the wait staff was very courteous.

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