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Make Up Shopping Tips: How To Build When On A Budget

When I first became drawn to make up I was in high school with no job! I remember heading to the tenth grde my best friend at the time and I made this huge deal. We had her sister take us to walgreens the night before the first day of class and got all the make up we could afford to look our best lol. It still makes me laugh we woke up like 5 a.m called each other and did our make up together on the phone. Whew lets just say after the first day we were like forget this it takes to long and we baerly did it after that. Fast foward as the years grew I became more and more interested. There was a time where I was obssesed with a blog known as the ybf. I waited everyday just to see what rihanna would be wearing. Omg this is how I fell in love with her not through her music which is dope, but throught her fashion. I never figured out who her stylist was at the time. This was just before Ig becme the hit it is today. Who ever she was she was my type of fly! Anywho I said all that to say when I did go on this blog I would always see Ciara, Beyonce, and a number of other women and think there is no way every woman in Hollywood was just born with perfect eyebrows. Like was it a requiremnt from birth, that God knew you were going to become a star so you got the magical eyebrows? I knew that couldn’t be the case and my eyebrow journey began! When I tell you a journey it was! So many rookie mistakes were made umkay. Eventually I got it though.

Today make up is a lot cheaper and the quality is good with just about most of the brands. NYX, Elf and a few others have changed the game for sure. One good way I always find a good bargain is to go a good beauty supply and browse. It takes time so make sure you have some to spare. I wouldn’t recommend foundations, more so lippies, liners, and even concealers. Just the other day I decided to hit this trick because I had done it in a few years. I came out with about 6 lipsticks, a cute glitter liner, 2 glosses and a concealer corrector for $25! This can also be done at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and you may even get lucky in family dollar. Clearance racks will be your best friend from time to time. This is a new one even for me! On a blogging Facebook page I follow I was amazed to see all the cover girl products the ladies got for as low as .23 cent. I’m talking glosses, liners, primers and all!

Minis are now here to save you! Literally and I love them! Instead of trying a new product that may totally suck go to Ulta and get the mini! Half the price of maybe even less and it will last quite a bit.

When going to Sephora or shopping online always get your samples ladies! There are 2 types of samples and one sometimes tends to be hidden. The first type gives you two samples of your choice. It happens with your typical order and it prompts you at check out. The second sample set is somewhat hidden and it usually comes with SIX ADDITIONAL samples! Before checking out in the search box type “samples”. This will generate you a page with a package list of all the sample promos being offered at the time. You will get a list of over 20+ samples they are offering for the month.

Lastly, NEVER forget you annual free birthday gift. It comes with what ever you purchase I store or online no matter the price. This year they are featuring Kat Von D and Drunk elephant.