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Travel Zone: Los Angeles | Hollywood California

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Girls trips are the best trips. They are right up there with couples trips, but they tend to get just a little bit more crazy ;). Before I get into giving you the run down about L.A. let me just go on record and say this. When you vacation with whom ever you vacation with whether it be a group or you and a friend, please please please make sure they are fun! I cannot stress this enough. Too many times I hear travel horror stories! These stories go on and on... oh they did'nt want to go with me to the only place I really wanted to go. She only wanted to stay in the hotel room the whole time. No one wanted to pay to go here...the list goes on an on. It should be an unspoken rule whether its your birthday, you are the trip planner or what ever. It is still everyone's trip. Everyone has spent their money and should be able to do what ever their litle heart so desires. After all you all took the time out to come together and that should be recognized. Shout out to my most awesome bomb friends btw. We always have the best trips.

Moving right along lol. L.A. was great to us. Well I should say more than great. The minute we got off the plane he fun rolled in. LITERALLY. Some guy ran right up to my friend and invited us to their pool party (which was happening a few hours down the line). Let's just say we did'nt make that one. Living in a beautiful city already I can say I know how to appreciate another when i see it. The mountain landscaping through out the city offers a unique view of it and I loved it. Of course we did tourist stuff because after all we were tourist. I loveeee doing tourist stuff. You can see all of the site seeing and adventures within the video.

DISLIKES! Yes, as great L.A. is I had some issues lol. Number 1,the traffic geesh I thought I-95 gave me a headache until I caught that L.A. rush. Number 2, living in Miami I can say I'am really spoiled when it comes to partying so it was a time. Whew, I'm so use to going to the club around 1am that I was only catching the popping spots for about an hour or two. Besides that I met a lot of cool people, and we had a ball. The one thing I feel any and everyone needs to do when ever you're in the city is go hiking. If you have health conditions there's even a way to drive up the mountains as well. The view is one you will never forget. The one thing I did'nt really get footage of is Catch L.A. It's a restaurant and the food is devine. You must go there, you will not regret it. As an added bonus there is even a great photo op spot where you can make it happen for the gram :).



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