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Last Minute Hotel Stays More Than 60% Off

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Being a procrastinator can be the worse, but it can also have its perks too. That’s ok we all do it don’t be a shamed. If you didn’t you wouldnt be here now. This is a judge free zone and I've got your back!

Hotel Tonight only offer hotels that they would like to stay in themselves. With 15,000 properties in over 35 countries across the Americas, Europe and Australia, they’re clearly striking a price-quality balance that consumers enjoy. You’re allowed to book from the day of and up until a month out from the date your stay is needed. The deals are unbelievable. The way hotel tonight works is they partner with major brand hotels and book rooms the are in occupied. On a regular most hotels on a daily are only about 70% capacity. That means the other 30% is empty, lonely and wanting to be filled. This is where hotel tonight comes in with the save. Hotel Tonight does just give you old rinky dink locations. Hotels are always 3.5 - 5 stars, which is very pleasant to know.

I love this site! I’ve gotten some dope rooms that were on the upwards of $400+ a night for about $120 at times. In order to browse or book click and peak around. I'm sure you will see something you like!


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