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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Soooo, I always get compliments on my eyebrows and guess what I do them all by myself. It saves me the pain and suffering of that really sad moment when you have big awesome plans and your fave eyebrow stylist is out of town. The worst part is to hear they will not be back for weeks, so out of desperation you go to another eyebrow tech only for them to mess you up. We have all been there including me. However, can you believe that is not what prompt me to learn to do my own brows? There is a story behind this one brace yourself for it. I went to my fave tech years ago and from a specific acne treatment I was using at the time when I waxed my brows (which side bar was one of my fave things to do, a real guilty pleasure) my skin was ripped from my face. PAINFUL MUCH,YES! I was left with two eyebrows that kind of looked like someone had blacked my eyes and it took weeks to go away. After that I tried the whole letting her arch my brows, but it just wasn't her thing I never liked how they were coming out. A friend recommended me to a threading specialist which I was so excited about and once again I was burned! This time I wasn't burned physically, but mentally lol. This woman left me with noodle eyebrows and not to mention threading was no walk in the park. Now, I don't mind pain as long as i will look beautiful afterwards, but ummm boo boo my brows were far from that. I was forced to take matters into my on hands and take care of myself. The rest was history.

All the info. Do's and Dont's are listed or spoken of in the vid. As always feel free to ask any questions you need.

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