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How Quitting Perms/Relaxers Saved My Hair! Only 2 Years In My Roots

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This is my testimony.

First the reason I chose to return. I guess after years of perming my hair gave out and I could see how bad of a shape my hair was in. This became an on going issue that I couldn’t seem to fix it. My hair would grow to bra length and fall apart. Certain parts would grow long others would break off. I dealt with this for about 4-5 years trying everything I could think of to fix the issue. I stopped using a certain box relaxer I was using and began using another. I then went from SUPER to REGULAR (relaxers). Still no results!

My next step and brilliant idea was to try “stretching“ for a year. I went through hellllllll... when I say hell I mean hell. This was theee most difficult hair move I made. It was awful and I was miserable! I was left with no other option... switch to kiddie relaxers. I went for my childhood go to! Just for me duhhhh. Things lightened a bit but, I still wasn’t satisfied.

From that point on I began what is known as text-lazing with the same kiddie perm. This is where you apply the relaxer and wash it out quickly only allowing the roots to be loosened. Again it helped but I still was not satisfied. From that point I began Tex-laxing about every 4-6 months doing what is known as a mini stretch. After all this I again was not satisfied something just wasn’t right. Yes, through it all my hair was growing but to me it was thin, tangled and I still had a very difficult time combing. Combing has always been one of my biggest issues. I would literally be just about in tears combing my hair no matter what!

I was lead to the point of no return my last and final straw!

In 2017 I decided I had to convert and see what was left behind on the other side. I think my hair got the memo because the minute I made the descion to not relax anymore things took a turn for the better. Combing became easier and I was not stressed. I never had the courage to do a big chop so I rode things out. I was also convinced that the crappy permed ends were protecting my beautiful new virgin hair lol. I still do think that was the case I mean all the ends that we’re splitting I didn’t care about them anyways, and it prevented splits to the hair I really wanted because it was so mich higher on the shaft. After sometime I did an at home cut. I left about 2 inches of permed hair and got rid of the rest. I took my time and took little pieces at a time examining every strand to make sure I did this properly. when I was done I put my hair in a little pony and it made me laugh because It was a little puff with onion sprouts to me. I had a ways to go.

Continuing my journey, I began learning my hair trying different things and figuring it all out. I’m still figuring it out as I do not have all the answers but, I am getting results. My hair is even a lot thicker now! People use to always tell me “girl your hair is so thick“ and I would give them the Caucasian frown because I never saw it. Now I can. My new hair goal and well my life long dream hair goal is to reach my tail bone.

My God in just 2 years I’m almost there what in the world took me so long to trust in my virgin locks!


Things I do to care for my hair

-moisturize and seal

-deep condition EVERY wash

-heat passes

-patient detangling process is important. I have first hand experience seeing the difference between rushing and taking your time. Rushing and not separating small pieces causes unnecessary breakage. It is also easier for me to detangle my hair damp vs dry

-I use many products and a hair oil blend I have created over the years with so many different things in it I pick up along the way

-my new favorite shampoo and conditioner is Pantene. (I do have 3 new black owned and local shampoos I’m trying out.. updates will happen as this journey is non stop)

-a great leave in conditioner is the shea moisture “strengthen and restore with JBC” sooo good. -patience, Patience, PATIENCE!

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