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How To Maintain Your Body & Still EAT Good Food!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I know some of you maybe saying I always see her with a cocktail in her hand and she's always at some restaurant. How can she possibly be apart of the fit life when she's eating and drinking all those things? Well, my fellow readers I'm here to tell you the secret to it all. Say it with me PORTION CONTROL! I try not to restrict myself from the foods I love because that is what ultimately comes back to hunt you. What I hear the most when people go on strict diets is that they cave and binge eat from being deprived. I do not diet. I eat in moderation. A plate like the one above I would never eat in one sitting.Yes, I could but I won't. Instead, typically it will take me about 2-3 days to eat this or I will give away he rest away. I like to call this "sharing the calories". The more I give away the less I intake. Listen closely because this is where will power comes in. What I normally do is cut the mac and cheese 3 ways, pull a few ribs, and eat all the greens. If I'm still hungry after that I will eat a snack such as fruit, or I will eat a healthy alternative.

So what about when you're out and everything looks good on the menu? Well portion control still applies. In addition to that every place has a skinny menu these days use it! Do not be afraid to try things on the skinny menu they are just as good. Most skinny menus try to keep their entrees under 500 calories and the drinks under 200. These meals still leave you satisfied, its the best of both worlds. I must warn you do not go over board. In a day you should not be above 2,000 calories in order to maintain the weight you're currently at. Normally things are based on a 2,500 - 3,500 daily caloric intake however I set my own rules for what works for me. My daily limit is even less than 2,000, and I make it work. Now if you find a hard time staying under calories there is a quick fix to that and a golden rule. Burn of what you eat! For example, if your days goal was 2,000 calories and you happen to finish out at 2,200, work it off. Get on the treadmill, go running, grab a workout DVD what ever it takes. This is a great rule to make sure you keep yourself on track so that you never have to "start over". Nobody's perfect but, it's not about what you do it's how you do it.

Lastly, please don't call it a DIET. It's simply a new way of maintaining your living. If you feel as though you have had a heavy meal don't say "oh, I'm off my diet". Do not just give up. Get out of the diet mentality. We all sometimes want a not so healthy meal it's ok to have it just limit yourself. Another thing I want to point out is get out of the mentality of "I will start working out/ eating better on Sunday", or next month "I have to start fresh". News flash! Anytime is a time to start fresh, mark yourself accordingly. if it's Tuesday and you want to do weekly targets, then guess what your check in will just be next Tuesday. It can still be done...create your lifestyle.

* always remember the cleaner you eat the more rapid your results will come about. Yes, you can eat mac and cheese; but keep in mind if you eat lean you will be lean.


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