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facial mask
Glowing much?

We all want to die for skin, this is my go to kit for just that. Wearing make up can be harsh on the skin so you have to take extra precaution for protection. Through trial and error I struct gold. This three piece kit is something I created and it can be used for all skin types. After you're done you will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Let's take you away to relaxation! Grab you phone turn on Pandora and hit the mediation station and zone out. Give you skin the proper tlc. The mask above are in order in the way the should be used. This kit can be applied before a bomb night out or just before bed. Most of the time I'am free of foundation so it's a must I don't have jacked up skin. About once a week I put this combo to work for up keep.

I always keep at least two or three kits laying around on stand by because when I'm going out and want to look my best and I in trust in this kit to whip me right into shape. To me after a facial my make up looks that much better. I know you may say that's backwards but trust me its not lol. Apply this bad baby and give your skin that boost. Trust me you will see the difference. Once your pores are closed foundation look that much better and with the hydration it keeps your make up fresh for longer periods because your skin is not over producing oils. I have oily skin so this is a major needed key. Other times I want to look amazing naturally and you can't do that with jacked up skin. Most of the time I'am free of foundation so its a must I don't have creepy crawler skin.

All of these items can be purchased at Target

1. Que Bella Facial Exfoliator Cleanser Cleanser- Cherry & Apricot (0.05oz) $1.99

Purpose- To clear out dead skin cells and impurities

2. Que Bella Pore Minimizing Mud Mask (0.05oz) $1.99

Purpose- Deep cleanse and shrinks your pores for the perfect T-zone

3. KISS Professional New York Hydro Gel Mask $5.99

Purpose- To hydrate the skin while infusing essential oils for a refreshed look

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