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Get The Scoop On Starbucks Discounts!

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

As Starbucks is one of the go to coffee companies it is also one of the most expensive. A discount here and there is definitely needed from time to time. Currently, the company is now offering a free rewards program where you will be given discounted beverages.

Each time, a different drink will be offered at 50% off after 3 p.m., on a certain day. Starbucks Rewards members automatically have the offers loaded onto their account and the days fluctuate.

If you’re not a member, you can be come one by signing up at Once you’re all signed up you will begin getting happy hour notices in your inbox in the form of a one time use discount bar code to scan at check-out. You can either print or show your coupon on the phone to the cashier.

In addition, to happy hour if you supply your own mugs you can receive 10 cents off your beverage purchases at participating Starbucks shops for saving the trees. If you frequent often this could add up so don’t under estimate it.

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