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Get Lost In The Fun! Pool Party & Happy Hour All In One

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The Lido Hotel and Spa known widely as the “Standard” is some what of a historical gem hidden in the heart of South Beach. When you’re here you can hit the pool, head to happy hour fuel your cravings, and dive right back in (after digestion of course!).

Bayside Grill looks out on the water, so it’s the ideal day-time location for sipping on elder flower sangria or a frosé while snacking on small plates put out by the hotel’s chef, Mark Zeitouni. The ambiance given is always a pleasantly chill way to end a day on the sand or, kick off your night.

On your way headed to the back where the restaurant is located you can began to feel the free spirit of the old days on South Beach. Some of the offered rooms still have the outdoor tubs and hot tubs attached where walking pedestrians can view in awe. Right there dead smack in the back of any given room there is a tub in the wild, how different is that. I myself found it intriguing and ultimately wished I could have enjoyed them a time or two. There are also a number of hide seats like hammocks, fire pits, and secluded lounge areas if you want to steal away for a few. Who wouldn't enjoy maxing out enjoying the ocean views and local yachts that pass every minute.

The Lido does offer a full menu in addition to Happy Hour (Monday -Friday 4pm - 7 pm) it’s always a good choice if you’re like me and love the great outdoors.

Tide Up Happy Hour Menu


Lido Lemonade 9

Deckside Spritz 8

Sunset Sour 8

Frosé 7

Spa Colada 7

Standard Brand Cocktails 7

Lageder Riff Pinot Grigio, Italy ‘16 7 Santa Julia Malbec, AR ‘16 7

La Gioiosa Prosecco NV 7

Sunset Sangria 5 glass/ 25 pitcher

Beer 3

Snack Bites

Oyster 2

Florida Citrus Ceviche 8

Artichoke Frites 8

Boris’ Chicken Empanadas 5

Guacamole 8

BBQ Sweet Potato Chips 4

40 Island Ave Miami, FL 33139 786.245.0880

*Saturdays is guaranteed to be the best largest crowd by the pool


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