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Get 30% Cash Back On Restaurant Purchases

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Restaurant deals are some of the most popular offers on Groupon, the platform that lets you buy discounted experiences and goods from retailers near you. The company has launched a new service to help promote the bomb app that it is. The new program is called Groupon+, it lets people use Groupon meal deals that they pay for with their Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit cards), and when you do so, you will receive 30 percent of the value of the deal back to their accounts. Some restaurants offer a little less, but there are plenty that give the full 30 percent.

How does it work? It's simple

1. Enroll in groupon plus by signing into your account and enter the debit or credit card you want to enroll.

2. Claim a cash back deal

3. Go to the restaurant and use the card you ENROLLED with on groupon. You do not have to mention this to your server. Once you use the specified card at the restaurant, it may seem like you're paying full price but remember this is a "cash back" deal so you will see the cash back reflect to your card statement.

This is not gimmick trust me I checked it out and checked again. The deal was so good I instantly started asking, whats the catch? There is none! You don't have to pay for membership it's totally FREE, and yo do not have to apply for anything. The groupon angels are coming through with this one. This program is offered in over 20 cities and I have heard more are on the way. Did I mention this deal applies to your entire bill including alcoholic purchases. What are you waiting for sign up now!

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