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Easy Beginner At Home Workout!


I get asked often for help on how to get started on a fitness journey. I know how hard it can be starting out, so I try not to throw it all at you at once. What I have come to realize is if you give a person a very challenging task up front it discourages them from wanting to try again. This happens mostly when a person's mental hasn't gotten to the full potential of being ready for change. That moment usually come out of the blue, one day you just decided I'am sick of this and commit to physical change, literally. I don't judge the ones that have not gotten their mental together yet. Instead, I like to encourage and uplift you to get there.

Walk away the pounds is a DVD set created by Leslie Sansone that I feel gives clear instructions and the paces is slow. With the pace being slow it helps for the heart rate to get a great pump but, not so much that you are out of breath. I know anyone can do the tape because when I was about 12 my cousin and I use to do it (lol). Just two kids having fun.

Below is a YouTube video to give you a feel of the work. This the simplest one to complete a 15 minute/1 mile walk. There are also more workout posted throughout YouTube like the 2 mile brisk walk and many others. If you are some what like me and want the physical copy the DVD's can be brought at Walmart or on Amazon.


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