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Date Night! Impress Your Lady On A Budget With An Unforgetable Night💛

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Crazy About You located in the heart of Brickell is one I will always reccomend, it has been named rightfully so! I’m crazy about it and it can make your woman crazy about you ;). Date night can sometimes cost a pretty penny when you want to make a statement. Here you get all the stops without the fire in your wallet. What’s most notable about this restaurant is that all entrees come with an appetizer and bottles of wine are only $19.99. Win, win situation here. In addition to great pricing the ambiance is unbeatable. Whether you sit in or out on the patio the views are immaculate.

Once you get seated and get comfortable there’s a neat box on every table to put your cell phones for more intimacy. I challenge you to try using it. Lay off of social media for a while and really connect. If it’s a first date it will help you to decide if you want a second. If you’re a long term couple just making time for each other it will keep you from being disgraced because you’re so use to each other, subsequently you will be laughing about old times in no time. The mood just right hearing the soothinh sound of waves crashing, good food, and cocktails guranteed to give you an unforgettable night.

If you want to sit out on the patio (recommended), be sure to make reservations so you’re not waiting around hungry.

Check out some of the menu options below WARNING! Will cause you to drool

Appetizer (left to right): Calamari al Pepperoncini Flatbread, Mexican Oxtail Tacos & Empanadas, Spinach and Organic Quinoa Salad

Entrees (left to right): Faux Risotto, Argentinian Churrssco, Applewood Braised Boneless Beef Short Rib, Mini Burgera

Dessert (left to right): Dressed Brownie, Fla

For the full menu selection of lunch, brunch, & dinner : click here

1155 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, Fl 33130 305.377.4442

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