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Body GOAL Abs At Home Challenge

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

This challenge is going to be measured and geared out for beginners however, with minor tweaks anyone on any fitness level can join in. For beginners, start with the amounts listed below and each day increase by five. For example, on day one you will do 25 bicycles and day two 30. Do this routine for 5 days a week with rest days on Wednesday and Sunday for a period of 30 day. You will see substantial strength and ab gains with great belly reduction.

25 Bicycles 

25 Scissors 

25 Crunches

10 Toe touch sit ups

25 Squats 

25 Windshields

10 sec Plank 1x 

50 Jumping jacks 

10 V passes (requires a yoga ball)

10 Burpees

Happy Ab Hunting!


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