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BLOAT Begone! Overnight Results

This is a simple and quick cure. Easy to make and my favorite part is the mix can last you up to a week. That means less prep time and good for on the go!

Before we get into how to make the mix I want to point out some very important things to do before and after you drink the magical potion :).

1. Drink a 16 oz or equivalent bottle of water

2. Be sure to eat a decent portion of food following your ”shot”. (I’m not sure what will happen if you do not eat as I took the advice rather than be stubborn. I highly doubt it will be anything life threating but, in my opinion you may begin to feel nauseous. Just like taking medication food is important when you want the process to go smoothly. The body is tricking and you never know what stunt it will pull when it’s unhappy!)



  • Lemon (1)

  • Real ginger root (about 1 lb) you may not use it all

  • NutriBullet or something capable of great blending

  • Water (8 oz)

  • Apple Cinder Vinegar w/ Mother

  • Turmeric Pills (I buy the cheapest set from GNC I’ll add the photo below)


  • Wash the ginger and chop it into decent size pieces

  • Cut or peel the skin off the lemon and slice in half

  • 8 oz of water added to NutriBullet

  • Add the lemon and fill the rest of the way with ginger

  • Blend completely

  • Take a decent size bowl and put a strainer on top

  • Pour the mix evenly over the strainer so the liquid can be drained into the bowl

  • To speed the strain process you can take a fork and mash root to force the juices out (it’s best to have a container or cup with a lid when refrigerated to maintain potency)


  • 3 tbl spoons of the mix

  • 1 tbl spoon of apple cider vinegar added (add the vinegar daily DO not pour into stored mix)

  • Heat in microwave for about 30 secs to warm and drink (after I drink my shot I take a bite of a fruit or drink a flavorful juice so the taste doesn’t linger then I eat)

  • Take the turmeric pill right after the shot (you can easily use turmeric powder you do not have to buy the pills however turmeric is gross so the pill form is your best bet!)

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