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Best Restaurant Frozen Foods Being Offered At Your Local Grocery Store

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

At one point in time major chains feared that offering their food in supermarkets would keep consumers away from the restaurants. That way of thinking has gone by the wayside as quick-service brands are increasingly finding a great deal of success offering some of their products at retail. Not all conversions are worth the purchase though. In some of my recent purchases across the board it is best to stir clear of anything with chicken. Chicken entrees no matter the technique used to cook them never pan out well. Here is a list of items you won't regret!

1. Cheesecake Factory

I almost flipped out when I spotted this in the store. I'm obsessed with this bread. It's probably the only reason I find myself at the factory from time to time. Before I found out about this there was a similar bread I would purchase from Publix. The off brand bread was good, my only complaint was it was small and a the crust was firm. Welp that has been kicked to the side. For me I like to pear the bread with my famous jerk chicken alfredo pasta. Pair it up with this bread and a nice Cabernet the night just goes so smooth.

2. P.F. Chang’s

All of the items pictured above are with the purchase. The P.F. Chang's franchise offer more than whats listed above if you want to try. In my opinion I was not a fan of any chicken dishes. or the beef and broccoli. The chicken dishes are more on the rubbery side and if its orange chicken, don't expect a crisp of any kind. It's not even breaded as it is at the restaurant. The only exception I will make is to the chicken lo mein. Even though the chicken here is not the best it's passable. Another suggestion I would like to add is although some items say "serves 2" it's still more like a single portion.

3. Red Lobster

Is there ever anything bad to say about the world famous Cheddar Bay biscuits? I'm just glad they're in store! We may just have to thank Beyonce for this.

4. Checkers

After Rick Ross became the face of Checkers they have upped their game. I will admit I'm in the 1% of the world who doesn't deem Checkers fries their favorite, but when I don't want onion rings for a home made chicken and fries combo these bad babies more than do the trick!

5. CPK

Pizza is a top fave of everyone and the CPK collection is handing out worthy pizza for all.

6. Cinnabon

We can all agree the Pillsbury doghboy has been holding us down for the longest. Now, he has competition. This at home kit doesn't compare to the store version, but they will do.

7. Golden Krust

Hummm saw these in the store and was rather surprised. My first thought was you go glen co-co. My next was I will give it a try. So far I have only tired the spicy beef. I'm sure all the others will be just as tasty.

8. White Castle

Why isn't white castle in the hall of fame yet?

9. Fridays

I'am only recommending the above items because again the chicken is no buenos. Honestly, the boneless chicken bites at the actual restaurant barely hold up so good luck with the frozen version. When cooking the skins make sure to pre-heat the oven for an even cook.

10. Auntie Anne’s

OK you're going to laugh but honey I these suckers to the next level. sad to see the cinnamon sugar option was available. I had to take matters in my own hand. I created cinnamon pretzels with this kit and they were amazing!

11. Nathan's

Kind of a bummer that it's just the franks and not the buns as well. They are still rocking though.

12. Bob Evans

This is kinda like cheating breakfast. The biscuits pair so well with a grits based meal.

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