Best Face Mask Ever!!! No Regrets!

Yes, omg I‘am sooo happy I finally decided to buy this product after having the screen shot in my phone for months! My go to face mask use to be Queen Helen mint julep masque. Queen Helen stop being sold in local stores and that’s when my life went up I flames. I bought others that were ok and did the job, but I had to use it atleast 2x a week. On top of that after I washed off I still felt my pores were not the superstars they could be.

That life is over! I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I’m loving the result. Intant pore closure once I was off and I only need to use it once a week. This is great because that’s my usual masking schedule. The mask is so good I could stretch for 2x a month on the mask, but I find them calming and like the weekly schedule. This product is very inexpensive and effective.

The first two times I tried the mask, although I love the results I was a bit upset that I couldn’t get a consistently smooth mixture. That left me like ok... I like it and it will do, I just wished I was told it would be like this. The clumps would be a bit harder to remove when washing and it hurt. Ouch! My aunt always told me while doing my hair ”it pains to be beautiful“ so I kept my cool.

No worries! Don’t get scared away I have figured my way past that and how to get a smoth mixture. I’m happy to share it with you all so grab a pen honey.


1. Grab a small cup or something and pour your powder. Set a side.

2. Crap a microwavable cup add one part water and one part Apple cider vinegar.

3. Microwave it until you see the solution bubbling. (About 30 secs)

4. Pour solution into powder and mix well.

5. Apply