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3 Tips & A Full Proof Cleansing Regimen To Great Skin

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First, lets just point out that everyone can have great skin with the proper care. Yes, even you! Great skin also does not mean shelling out thousands to high end dermatologist. Trust me, been there done that. Lets no misconstrue things, this does not mean dermatology doesn't work. What it means is that even those on a budget deserves a glow like your fave celebrity. After the trail and error, hard hitting research, and great results the formula does exist. This is a generic one size fits all. No matter your skin combination if you follow these steps and stay consistent you WILL see results.

Before, you begin treating you skin you must learn the basics that are actually an underlying problem to your skin. These problems are fairly simple, but very under estimated. The problem first starts with sun exposure. We all love the sun after all it was a gift even to Earth. The sun loved on in the wrong was can be detrimental to your skin so it is important to protect yourself. It's kind of like that other thing dare not to say. Skin dryness is also another highly under estimated thing which can cause your skin to over produce oils which in turn will clog your pores. What is the result of over clogged pores? Yup, you guessed it ACNE! Now, that we are touching on over clogged pores make up is another cause and it is ultra important not to try and hide your flaws with make up because you will only make it worse.

The three tips you will need to succeed:

1. wear sunblock (the highest spf you can find). Don't be cheap this is your skin e are talking about. Instead of being cheap find one you like and work backwards to hunt down the best price.

2. Moisturize day and night to ensure hydration of your skin. If you have oily or combination skin you will also begin to see the benefits this has on the shiny forehead effect.

3. You must take up breaks it is not an option. If you don't want to be seen without it the answer is to skip the event to save your poor little skin.

The one hitter quitter regimen:

1. Salicylic acid wash- Tour your local drug store and find a wash with "salicylic" in it. This acid is also very hash on the skin so once again moisturizing comes in to play.

2. en-stringent- This is an alcohol based product. The reason it works so well is because it removed all the excess dirt facial soap does not.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide- This is a medical chemical with in topical cream that can be bought OTC.

Now, how exactly do you use these products right. In the morning you want to wash with your salicylic wash. Followed by miniaturization. That's it and that is all! These chemicals are strong and combination with the sun can cause irritation and other unforeseen issues.

At night is where we apply the magic. All three products are to be used in the list format above followed by moisture. After about one week you should start to see progress you can be proud of.

On top of your daily facial routine it is highly recommended that once a week you give yourself an at home facial. Here's the link to my spa worthy at home facial and it's less than $15! Can't beat that.

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*Not an MD or expert, advice is to be solicited at ones own expense*

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